Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missing Items

I lost your mixtape
Can you make me a new one?
Don’t act like times have changed
Cause that might make you change the order
I like the songs the way they were
Just hit the copy button
And forget what I did

I lost my watch
Time is important to me
My dad gave it to me
It’s sentimental
Even though I don’t really like my dad
Just mail it to me
And forget what I did

I lost my Swiss Army Knife
It’s got a screwdriver
You really don’t need a screwdriver do you?
I got it in Switzerland
Boy, those mountains were beautiful
Just give it to our mutual friend
And forget what I did

I lost my confidence
Did I leave it at your place?
Check under the mountain of regrets I always leave behind
Silly me
Just, you know, hand it over
And forget what I did

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