Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sneak Preview- Clerks 2 Review

So it took a week longer than expected to see Clerks 2 (Sandusky, where I work doesn't have it but Findlay does) but I just finished watching it thirty minutes ago.

Best... Kevin Smith... Film... Ever

Even for me, an admitted View Askew junkie, I have been lately worried that Kevin Smith would be afraid to mature his work after the failure of Jersey Girl. That was a very mature work hampered by way too many conventions and NOT Bennifer as he will claim. I wanted to see Smith attempt to follow the path that Chasing Amy created, humor mixed with mature themes in a smooth package.

He's done it.

If Clerks was the film equivalent of a garage band, Clerks 2 is "Rubber Soul." A new step that doesn't forget the past but isn't bound to it. Smith is growing in both his themes and his visuals (Clerks 2 looks better than Jersey Girl, I thought that would be impossible for a seventh of the budget) and you can't help but be pulled into this flick.

First off, no spoliers are coming from me, you must see this film clean from spoliers because there are a lot of twists that happen and I was unaware of ALL OF THEM. Which quite surprised me after watching an early webisode of the making of Clerks 2 that showed the death of Silent Bob. That does not happen. What does happen is that the loveable Dante and Randal grow up and show a great deal of inprovement over their acting in Clerks. As well as the rest of the cast. Need I even mention that Roasario Dawson is awesome?

Seriously folks, just catch this film now.

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