Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sneak Preview- The End Is Soon

That's right folks, my time with Cedar Point is almost up and I can not wait for that to happen. Whoever told me that working at an amusement park would be fun confused "working" with "visiting."

When my time is through with Cedar Point this site will feature an OVERLOAD of content. I just catalogued some of my DV tapes today and I figured I had about 4 DV tapes worth of unreleased footage from MNL. In just one week you will begin to see some of that footage. You'll also begin to see me comment more on stuff going on in the world. Geeky stuff like the fact that Ubisoft is coming out with Far Cry for the Wii!!!!


The Wii is my new obsession, as it is always every five years when the next generation of consoles come out. There will be more talk of my quest for the Wii later.

August 10th or 11th will be the official launch of the site. I know not a lot (if any) are visiting the site now but I hope to change that by contacting people and letting them know I'm going to put some work into making a nice reflection of myself.

oh, and to end this post I have a very calm video by Sufjan Stevens. I didn't know a thing about this guy until I saw a small little movie at SXSW called "Danielson: A Family Movie OR Make A Joyful Noise... HERE!" After that I just had to get this song.

Enjoy, more updates coming on Monday I hope.

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