Friday, February 09, 2007

Just a Random Thought

This isn't really a full post but I really thought I should bring it up.

Have you ever heard of a love triangle and though...

"Yeah, that's odd, and destructive, and hella unusual."

I'm definitely not trying to add to the drama pile here but it almost makes me happy knowing that I'm not in dating mode right now in Texas. I'm just observing this and remembering my love triangle that almost ended up in me fighting one of my best high school friends.

Maybe I should extend this post.


Her name was Cathryn. We all called her Cathy.

She was cute when I met her and a mess when I last saw her. Typical of a lot of the Outsider caste I was friends with in high school. For a year we were friends and then she dated one of my best friends Donkey. They made out EVERYWHERE!


Maybe I am at least remembering it that way but they were a close couple. But I still had a large large crush on her so during one of their make-up break-up moments I asked her out. What followed were six days of star-crossed high school hormonal... you get the picture.

She dumped me at the end of the six days and went back to Donkey. Then dumped him, then met this dude in high school who already had a kid and started having "relations" with him.

Needless to say that this story, due to it's drama content alone, has stayed firmly in my mind for several years.

The last time I spoke to her I told her to never talk to me again, that was junior year of high school and we have not spoken since. That may be a big regret of mine, not letting myself forgive her.


You see folks, love triangles between friends end badly, it ends in drama and transforms CS majors into screenwriters.

Here's some hole.

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