Friday, February 23, 2007

The longer the break....


That's right ladies, gentlemen, and web surfing nerds! It's time for

Bits and Pieces

While a lot has been going on in my life lately I haven't blogged much of it because I couldn't think of a way to write it all down. Hopefully I can start writing some more posts in the near future.

Am I talentless?

I ask because these days it seems as if I'm either A)Two steps behind these brilliant visual RTF'ers or B)Content with the no-budget no-movement cast friends only style I do. It worries the crap out of me sometimes to think that maybe I'm not going to evolve much in film and I will not have the eye to direct or the voice to write. The bigger problem lies in the fact that by having all this self-doubt that has really taken hold this semester, it actually stunts my creativity in the process. I mean, I still have manic moments when I can go from idea to short script in an hour, but they come farther and father apart now. There's nothing I've written or done that is good enough for people to take notice to what I'm doing. Nothing original, nothing ground-breaking, nothing that applies to my concept of "chronicling our generation" that I used to preach about in high school.

These things are weighing me down right now. If I've seemed depressed, prone to mood swings, or just out of it, it's because of this monkey. I want so badly to make something that says "I'm Michael Domangue" but I just don't have it yet.

SXSW is on the horizon and I have an awesome plan lined up. I figure I should see over a dozen movies throughout the week while I'm volunteering. If your staying in down you should head downtown for spring break, enjoy the vibe if nothing else.

At my current rate of spending I should be able to possibly travel to Louisiana in April. No promises.

IF, big if, I can convince my parents to let me take a four-day trip through America to get to Ohio, you may see a shaggy college student stop off in Auburn come Mid-May.

16 days left of being a teenager... so weird.

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