Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The 95th Blog Post is About Nebraska

I just checked my stats and it looks like I am five posts away from 100. That one will be a doozy I promise you.

Now onto the meat.

In less than an hour I will be finally checked out of dobie and on my way towards I-35. The goal today is to make the 12-13 hour trip to Nebraska. If my car had a flux capaciter it would only increase the irony that yes, I am going back to the future.

Two years ago my only goal was escape, as quickly as possible. Now, on the verge of my return, my only goal is to see what fragments of my past are still there for me to witness. Most of my old friends will not see me, either by choice, by distance, or by inability to do so. So the landmarks will do most of the talking.

Maybe I'll see Spidey 3 at the theatre.
Maybe I'll stop by Sun Mart for the chicken strips.
Maybe I'll drive by AHS and thank Falter, Weiss, and Ms J.
Maybe I'll sit in the park, reminding myself of the No You concert that kicked off an amazing summer so many years ago

Can one, by returning to a place of both pain and pleasure find something in himself that he lost, or forgot? Whereas my days in Louisiana are but sugared memories, my memories of the midwest are still somewhat raw, still clouded by passions. Is there anything left in that town of 3,000 that can answer the question "Am I better now for having once been here?"

This day will bring a range of emotions. But if you see me around the streets of Auburn, Nebraska on Wednesday, understand I do not come to bury Bobby Bouche, I come here to praise him.

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