Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The 97th Post is about... The Woes of Biscuits

There are so many things I could be blogging about right now with summer starting up. But before I get into all of those and before I start planning the 100th post celebration. I thought I should talk about the current issue facing me.

My current job sucks.

It took a whole week to go through the hiring process and then when I arrived my first day they kept me in the break room for over an hour before sending me home. Apparently the job I signed up for is part of a temp agency and I'm starting to seriously doubt that I'll be able to make a 40hr/week job out of this. Therefore I sent in an application to a Blockbuster here in town and I'm hoping I can get hired by them real soon before my mom and I have a fist-fight.

The biscuit factory is cool and all and they have a nice shift and break schedule, but if I can't work for them full time then it's a waste of time. And lets face it, a film major with three years of customer service experience would fit MUCH better at a blockbuster than at a factory. Some of those people are creeeeepy.

In other news...

The untitled script now has a title and about five pages written. I'm now guessing the final script to be around 20 pages or so, probably less because I'm condensing a lot of the action writing and they'll end up being much larger on screen than on the page. I'm saving the title for the 100th post and I haven't e-mailed any pages because I want to finish the first act before I start giving it out. I also have the whole cast down in my head and I just need to lock them up. Including Ameer's love interest! That was by far the hardest casting I had to think of.

Get ready for more updates as soon as I hear from Blockbuster.

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