Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thought I had died?

Ok folks, I'll have an actual post after the final tonight but I have to share the following outline I wrote up today.

We're making a movie!


An Outline for a Five Fingers Production

What makes us human?


What makes us human is how we relate to other humans. All of our core emotions, the primal base of which we have laid eons of useless layers on top of, are based off human interaction. Love, fear, acceptance. It takes two to tangle folks.

We are Generation Y. Not by choice, most of us hate that term. We are considered to be the sequel to Generation X. We are post-modern, we are mobile, we are obsessed with technology. OBSESSED! YouTube, Google, Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, E-mail, E-commerce, E-life. We are the thing sci-fi writers dreamed of. Cyborgs, human life that could not live without the assistance of electronic tools.

We have used this technology in amazing ways but if you take a close look, a real look at what Generation Y is doing, you'll notice a pattern. They are trying to reach out to more people. To connect with humanity is what makes us human.

Four weeks every year millions of college students pour over billions and billions of pages of text, online and off, trying to get that grade they are looking for. It's called finals week and its sole purpose is to test the will of young people.

That is where we find humanity in five normal students who go to the University of Texas at Austin. Five people, five days, five stories. Trying to stay above water. In this time we see sides of humanity normally reserved or glossed over.

The stories so far...
(All stories are tenitive prior to shooting. This list may not reflect the final film)
Dead Day- He has nothing to do, and nobody to share that with.
He Called Back- Excitement abounds after a voice-mail check.
Every Day Needs A Party- Moderation? This is college!
Driving- Long-Distance-Not-Quite-A-Relationship
The Last Test- A senior only needs to finish this test. If only she had gone to class.

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