Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Megan Berry!

3:49 AM
Wednesday Morning
3 Hours From Departure

Holed up in my dorm room, listening to Lou Reed while my roommate is AWOL. I realize that I promised Megan a birthday present. Well, here it is.


10 Years.

I've known Megan for a decade. Which means in terms of pure dates makes her the longest friend that I've ever had. She's been my friend when I was an awkward kid who lived in Lafayette. She was my friend when I decided to ignore all my LA friends and move to Nebraska. She was my friend through the good times, the bad times, and the really ugly times (I can remember my bald cut and my Screech cut!)

She was my girlfriend once. True fact. I never put her on my list of ex-girlfriends because in my book that is not a good list, she's always been more than just an ex-girlfriend to me. She's been a tireless supporter of me, even when I didn't support her. You see, I've been a jerk to her many many times, and yet whenever I make an ass out of myself, she's there to forgive me. She understands that I am a beast of hormones as well as a gentle soul, it's that kind of patience that is so rare to find these days, if I could rate her best trait it would be that forgiveness. That and her amazing talent (don't think I haven't forgotten about when you sang Joplin, it was awesome.)

I said earlier this year, on some of the earliest blog posts, that I was in love with Megan. I've never retracted those statements. I don't intend to ever retract that statement. It took me 10 years to fall in love with her, and it would take something far greater than an 8 hour distance to not have her holding my heart. Though I may date once or twice, I could never keep her too far from my thoughts.

So here is my present.

Megan? When can we have our first date?

You set the weekend, next semester, I'll gas up the car and drive out there. I'll wear my snazziest attire and my nice shoes. I'll spend the day trying to make up for the countless days I've been away. Because Megan, as stupid as I've been and as stupid as I will be in the future, know that the smartest decision I've made in life was keeping in touch with you.

You're no longer a teenager, and I'm no longer blind.

Happy Birthday!

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