Tuesday, January 23, 2007

11 Days Later...

So much to do, so much to see...


Bits and Pieces

So folks, the Saints lost. Life goes on, we all look forward to the draft and next season. I'm happy to think for once we earned a low draft spot because be played good and didn't make a stupid pick trade. Oh well. GO COLTS!

Sierra and I have formed the greatest writing partnership I have had thus far. I've never been really good with writing with other people (Case in point: The lost script "Woodstock or BUST" which as far as I know, no copies exist of anymore.) but working with the manic Miss Granger proved to make a script that I can take pride in it's insanity. It went around the SEC office and only Justin really didn't like it, which is fine by me. I think some changes need to happen to one or two of the jokes but I really don't know what to replace them with. It was just so nice to write something funny for once without a since of bitterness attached to it. Most of my comedy is too angry, this is just crazy.

Which I guess leads to my next point. MNL is back! I'm so happy to have the show coming back for a second year and not only to have it back, but to have it even stronger this year. Four scripts before auditions??? Cast excited to audition??? All paperwork on time and filled???


MNL is my baby, even more so than Improv Lite which I host. You see, in my eyes I am the Jay Leno of Improv Lite. I may reach the point of being good, but the guy before me was the master. MNL started with Mario, Ameer, and I deciding to try something new and now in it's second year we are seeing it grow right in front of us. It makes me proud to see that seed from last year grow into a tree.

SXSW updates will be coming soon. Hope to see what movies I'll be working and what movies I'll be running to this year. Gotta break last year's mark of 18 movies. That should be interesting.

Tonight's YouTube video will be one of the songs I plan to feature on the MNL pre-show, which I hope to be the funniest Powerpoint project ever written.

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i called my mom. i think it helped.