Friday, January 05, 2007

Behind Schedule and Proud of it!

So folks I'm happy to say that the first scene of A Finite Amount is written!

But two pages in three days!!!!!!!!!

Jeez I'm not happy about that.

Sitting at this desk is quite uncomfortable. The chair does not go up or down and is angled exactly where it needs to be to cause the most back pain. My chest congestion is also starting to flare up and basically it all adds up to distraction. Add to that my internet and WoW addiction and I've basically been unable to focus.

I'm going to try and finish another scene before I go to bed. At the rate of pages to scenes this could be less than the 30 pages I envisioned but the fun part of this whole project is that I don't have restrictions. If I want 20 pages I get it.

I'd host the pages on the site but I can't find a service for it. Quoc and Ameer will be getting them soon so e-mail them if you want a copy or IM if you are desperate.

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