Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007? But I liked 2006!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Boys and Girls!
The Rajun Cajun!
The Bayou Beau!
The only film major to not like German cinema!

Michael Domangue is back!

Albeit in a PC-Not-Mac and Mississippi-not-Louisiana form.

Yeah folks, I'm in the deep south with a functioning internet account and my WoW discs planning to have some fun and maybe finish a script as well.

What's Happened to Finite Michael?

I'm glad you asked Italics man. Finite has morphed into A Finite Amount. What does this mean? It means we now have one 30 minute story with two leads instead of 5 10 minute stories with five leads. As much as I like the concept of small stories combined I started to realize as I was plotting out the stories that only two of them really figured into the equation of the theme. The theme being "What makes us human is how we react to other humans."

I find this theme is so important in these days when people try to say that the internet is creating a generation of zombies. Does this post sound like it was typed by a zom.... BRAINS!!!

But seriously, our generation uses technology to connect to people just like the last generation used the telephone and snail mail. The television is not an interactive medium, at least not without the help of expensive accessories like my Wii. The internet, technology itself is only used when the people decide that they want to use it.

Why do my two stories not feature one computer then? Because the human interaction I'm showing is of the very basic nature. Man and Woman, Man and Nature, Man and the Universe. The two characters are polar opposites connected together by chance and circumstance but in the two threads we both see a disconnect.

Enough about that.

How was everyone's New Years? Congrats to Dana and Josh for getting engaged and congrats to my Dad for getting engaged to miss Tracy Pierce. She's a very nice lady and I'll be happy to call her Step-Mom.

I'm sick right now with some sort of cyclical flu. I'm fine in the morning and feel like crap at night. Even now I'm starting to get some back aches and it's 8:30.

Feel free to leave me an IM at MDomangueA on AIM. I'll leave it on today and reply when possible.

Enjoy the rest of your break everyone. I've got 3 more hours of patching till WoW is ready so I'm going to enjoy my new Simpson's set.

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