Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two posts for the price of one.

For some reason the last post I did never made it on facebook. No bother, this one should be short and sweet.

I just took a look at the wedding photos from Travis and Amy's wedding and I just gotta say that it looked amazing. Thanks Vivi for taking such great shots, you all looked fantastic and I just love seeing the whole gang together looking super snazzy. I really need to stop leaving Austin for the summer because you guys go out and do plays and get married and I'm stuck washing fig stains out of my factory outfit. I should be back in about 40-50 days give or take and I can't wait to see you all again.

On a similar note getting Mario back in the fall is like having your favorite character of a TV show leave and then come back a few seasons later. I miss the fella and I can't wait to go back, lose ten bucks a week, and return to the ballroom. I truly believe this upcoming semester will be my best 4 months of my life, that's my goal at least.

In other news.

E3 is back, and it's much much smaller. But that hasn't stopped my heart from getting caught in my throat after all the announcements. I won't go into detail here but let me just give you a quick top five list.

I first got my grnadmother to buy GTA III and I've been addicted ever since.
4. Halo 3
Do I have to say anything.
3. WiiFit
Should go well with the diet cola and diet pills I'll be taking in the fall
2. Super Smash Brothers Wii
You haven't lived til you've played a 99 life match
1. ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111ZOMG
Downloadable Songs, Who's Next, Drums and a Mic, this game may just own my soul.

Expect a bigger post this weekend. I got a surprise for you.

A Quick One While He's Away (Facebook Link)

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