Saturday, July 07, 2007

Do you care? Do you think you care?

Live 8
Live Aid
Farm Aid
Live Earth
Live Farm the 8 Earth's Aid

I don't mean to dismiss the contributions to society that these mega-concerts do but it does say something about our culture that we consider the best way to discuss global warming is to wrap the message around massive concerts. Even the future of our planet has to have some entertainment damnit!

I finally am encourage by my generation. We got this massive influx of technology at a very young age and now we're finally starting the baby step towards using it for good and not just porn and music downloads. We're starting the inevitable war against our parents' generation and we really have only one person to thank for our increasing awareness.

George W. Bush

I used to defend Bush. Back in high school I was of the opinion that he was unfairly picked on and he was stuck in a situation that no one could have done better in. Now, I honestly think anyone in the SEC office could run the country better than him. Along with Mr. "What Branch Am I Again?" Cheney he has managed to unite almost the whole country AGAINST him. I thought it would take a draft to unite the youth movement, but all he needed to do was put MY friends and many other people's friends, neighbors, and siblings in harm's way for no clear goal and no positive outcome. When I read about those we lose in war it makes me want to work hard to make sure the rest of them get home safe. Thank you Mr. Bush, for proving me wrong and getting gen Y to work.

In other news...

The counseling is going amazing well. We're getting to the core issues and I'm already starting to see improvements in how I deal in crowds. The next few sessions should continue to show progress and I'm really hopeful that I will not have the problems I had last year pop back up again.

The script is now in it's third revision (currently 2nd Draft 2nd Revision.) I think we should have the script locked by August 1st so I can send out feelers for casting before I even reach Austin. My plan is to start shooting at the SEC office almost right out of the gate so we can build momentum for the harder shooting later on. Other than that no real tidbits on that project. Though don't be surprised if you see a new YouTube video before leaving Ohio.

Write on my Honesty Box folks. It might brighten up a bad day, you never know.

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