Monday, June 18, 2007

100 Posts, A Million Memories

Sunday was a historic day. A fantastic day.

And it was also father's day. Call your dad(s) if you haven't.

This is a two part post. Part one is about the newest project from Five Donkey Films. Part two is about the future of the blog and the future for me.

So I can finally reveal a few things about the script. The official title, and the one that will most likely stick this time, is "Musings From Austin, Texas"

Yeah, I named it after the blog. The reason being that the script really reflects that kind of spirit that the blog represents, a mixture of heartfelt emotion and overwhelming ideas about life. The script is a simple story about Ameer and I, on the last day of finals in May 2008. It's about friendship, it's about courage, it's about finding it in yourself to do the impossible. It's also funny.

When the script started coming together over this past month I decided that since the script is over 20 pages it's right around the size of a festival short, actually it's a bit longer, but still inside the length limits. This means that I am considering sending it out to local and regional film festivals to see if we are progressing. In order to do this though I had to sacrifice my massive music collection for the soundtrack and seek out music that was cleared for use. That means using stuff like creative commons and public domain music, but I'm not too keen on that stuff, so I called up some friends.

The following artists are allowing their music to be used for FREE in "Musings From Austin, Texas"
Kaare Egedahl
People Machine
0 for 7

That gives me over two albums worth of music to choose from. Brett from 0 for 7 also told me that other acts may be interested so this list may grow much larger before we get ready to put together the soundtrack. All three acts are friends of mine so it's nice that even the music is keeping in theme of friendship. In the case of Kaare, I've known the guy since I was TWO, I think my mom has some adorable pictures of him from my third birthday party at McDonald's.

The script was completed Sunday morning, at least the first draft. Meaning we can start shooting as soon as I can get my cast together. I will be doing auditions for the character of Liz, who is the major female character and probably the most important piece of casting I will do in college. I'll be e-mailing several actresses from both Gigglepants and Madrigal to ask them to come on in and read with Ameer.

The pieces are coming together in pre-production. Now Quoc and I have to tear apart the script and see how the hell we're going to shoot this with no money and only weekends to spare. The excitement is building folks, stay tuned for more info.

And now to talk about the future...

I blog for both myself and my friends. There is also however a third audience. That audience is in fact history. I looked back at the previous 99 posts before writing this one, and it told the history of my sophomore year in college. From the last days in Cedar Point, to my brief infatuation with cast mates, to project after project after project, to success, to failure, and finally to hitting bottom. 11 months, 100 posts, all telling a story both intensely private and immediately public.

The next 100 posts will continue to be honest, introspective, and hopefully funny. The blog will be therapy, practice, and a sounding board for my thoughts. The great thing is I have no idea how many readers I have, either on facebook notes, or on the blog itself. That helps, not having to please anyone with what I write here.

I promise you to keep writing what I have always written, my life. No more, no less. Stay tuned, the next 100 are going to be fun.

SBTB "Friends Forever" (Facebook Link)

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