Friday, June 15, 2007

The 99th Post

From sub-urban Ohio.
Land of green grasses.
Where the neighbors water each others plants.

Bits and Pieces
Chunky Edition

So I had been planning on writing this before LAST weekend, but I've been a little flustered with writing in general so I took some time off and worked on leveling up my World of Warcraft character. He's now a level 51 out of 70 and I should be ready to do some of the larger content in the game by the end of the summer, which was my goal.

Whenever I write a script I usually have a large break between the first half and the second half of writing. I run out of creative steam around the mid-point and I have to rethink things. I should be getting back to work real soon though and getting the first draft done. I plan on doing some rewrites before the summer is done and hopefully start shooting with a second draft script around September.

As for the untitled movie I will be announcing some MAJOR information about it on the 100th post. I've been talking to people over the past week, getting things in place, and I can say already we have stuff planned that is significantly larger than anything Quoc and I have done.

I've been home alone right now for about 11 days. The parents decided to enjoy a trip to Italy and I've been left with some food money and a daily list of things to do. Some days have been better than others. Like today I was feeling light headed for most of the day so I had to take an extra nap. I've also been trying to get a therapist set up here but they have been hard as hell to get them on the phone to set up an appointment. So right now the mental health situation is solid but not improving much.

Let me be more in depth. I'm feeling much more confident about how I am going to do next year when it comes to school and all that. I just wish I could continue the progress I made on identifying my core issues. I'm not a wreck folks, I'm just hoping to understand some things better. Why I do things, how I can do them better, that's all.

OH! Big important information! I have a new cell phone number, I'll put this on a separate note later but my new number is 419-619-6061. Please update your address books, or add it if you never bothered to call me ever. Also, and this is not a requirement but a request, I put up an honesty box on my facebook profile and nobody has put anything on mine yet. I pour my heart out for you folks, let's see a little payback.

Piracy! It's a good thing. The Xbox 360 may be banned from online play (not sure, don't want to find out) but the backups still work and the Wii just got a new modchip today! All is golden. I've been adding some new movies as well and with that 5.1 surround system I won I can play those downloaded movies on my TV finally. I've been also thinking about a movie night when I get back, how does this sound?

1) Hostel: Part 2 (Bootleged off of a Workprint copy)
2) Troll 2
3) Grease 2!!!!!!!

100th post this weekend. 1 Year Anniversary next month. The next post will be about my plans for life in the future. The 1 year anniversary will be about the past and history of my writing. Expect a gift in July.

And a final note. A political bits and pieces.

Harry Reid, I'm asking you to grow a pair. I know it may be hard, you are a career politician, but the people who gave you power told you pretty clearly why they gave you that power, to bring my friends home. Now, Mr. Reid, you should pay attention and start shaking things up. The people will support you if you decide to take the White House on so don't worry. Bring them home.

Musings From Austin Texas is not endorsing any presidential candidate right now, but we encourage whoever wins the nomination to add Bill Richardson as the Vice Presidential nominee. He has the most qualification of any candidate on either side of the race and he'd make the most powerful diplomat in a time in which we need to rediscover diplomacy. Obama/Richardson or Clinton/Richardson either way, we need that kind of experience in the White House.

That is all...

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