Saturday, June 30, 2007

When the mind is fractured,

It's time for...

Bits and Pieces

Thursday I had my first visit with my counselor here in Ohio. The meeting, even as a first step "evaluation", was very helpful in looking at a few things. I can't really predict what we're going to work on but I will say that we talked a lot about the fact that there is almost two Michael's. Before 7th grade there was only the shy, introspective Michael, and then afterwards came the outgoing, very loud and dramatic Michael. I've been thinking about this for a couple of years but I still don't understand why it is. I just hope we don't kill the dramatic Michael just before Madrigal. :)

The script for "Musings from Austin, Texas" is now on it's second draft. I let my mom read through the first draft and she gave a few suggestions, one of which was to completely re-vamp half the script. So that's what I'm doing, completely rewriting the second act, removing a character, and trying to freshen up some of the others. I may finish it up on Sunday but I'm expecting to use some of my July 4th vacation time to do so. I'm also thinking about calling up some friends of the female persuasion to help rewrite some lines. I'll be honest, I can't write women, I suck at it.

Piracy is a hobby of mine. Having two modded consoles and access to some primo download sites lets me save some money on games. But piracy ain't free folks. Modchips, installation, blank media and other accessories add up. So when I discovered that my stack on blank DVD's wasn't burning my Wii games right I was ticked. I went down to Best Buy and got me an amazing deal. Verbatim 25-pack of DVD+R for $8.99. Right next to that was Verbatim 50-packs for $29.99. So I bought two of the 25's for a little under 20 and went home and did some testing. Sure enough, they burn the Wii games just fine. Now I just have to pray I don't get banned from Xbox Live before Halo 3.

Die-Hard 4. See it with your brain turned off and disregard 1-3 and you'll get a kick out of it. I'll give it 2.5 stars out of 4.

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