Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Day After

I'm not sad.

I feel a little under the weather right now though. I have a slight cough and I feel weak, not really sure why. But I doubt this came from the results of yesterday.

I'm not upset.

We won the national championship last year, something that very few of my favorite teams have ever done. As a die-hard saints fan, having your college win it all is something you will never forget, so what if we might not repeat, it is certainly far from the end of the world. I would even wager that we'll still end up in a BCS game by the time the season is through, no great loss.

I'm excited.

I get to see Phantom of the Paradise at the alamo in a few hours with PAUL WILLIAMS. I know nobody knows who he is but if you've seen the flick than you know how funny this may end up being.

You should be excited too.

I'm still on a two-week Bob Dylan kick right now so for you're enjoyment I've posted this AMAZING clip of Dylan in the 70's doing a 60's classic.

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