Monday, September 18, 2006

A whole post dedicated to...


I talked to Travis and Ameer, and I'm now 100% sure that they DON'T want a Lou 2.0. So that means I am fully behind Madrigal Dinner for another year.

Read the script. Like the lines. Want to see the song that I have to sing.

Cell phone was possibly found, will have it back hopefully on Thursday.

THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON COMING TO THE FILM COMMITTEE! So excited, I want to get three people for a Q&A and I think with a little work we can get two of them. Video at the bottom.

Improv Lite tomorrow. Be there or die. Also check out the sneak preview as well. It's got Billy Bob for crying out loud.

"True love will find you in the end, you'll find out just who is your friend."
-Daniel Johnston

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