Friday, November 17, 2006

Stanley's Cup... and Bits and Pieces

Here's the full episode. Ameer pointed me to a site that hosts whole South Park episodes so I decided to share this tidbit.


I wish I could give you a massive post full of things going on but really. There isn't much to talk about right now. The good news is finally there is a stasis in my relationship status. That takes a monkey off my back.

The Wii comes out on Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT! I'm excited to play the new Zelda and some Wii Tennis. I'm hoping to also get the wireless here in Dobie to be wii-compatible. That would be nice.

I have the following events this weekend. Tech Rehersal, Tony's Party (I hope!), Rocky Horror, and Wii launch. Yeah, I won't be sleeping.

In case news has spread, I did have to cancel all my late friday activities due to some health issues. I had just had a very stressful revelation regarding finaces and I started to feel some strange sensations in my legs. I feared it could be heart related so after getting the finance situation taken care of I decided to take the day off. I know the hardcore SEC'ers don't like to hear me complain about stress but it does sometimes get to me. That was just an extreme example and hopefully it won't happen again.

Big plans for the blog in December. It will be the 6-month anniversary of the launch of the site and I hope to have some stuff up celebrating that. Maybe even some of those tech ideas I wanted to launch the site with but never got around to.

My ZR90 is getting a free repair. All hail Canon not being a careless carcass!

Listen to Pet Sounds folks.

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