Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogging On A Budget

When you can't afford those damn full size blog posts...


I'm listening to "Jungleland" by The Boss right now and I have to say, nobody sings and epic like Bruce Springsteen sings an epic. Damn!

I'm deciding that I need one more solid semester here at UT before I think I can turn the corner. By turn the corner I mean reach a place where I can begin to fix some problems that have been bugging me for over a decade and I didn't even realize it. I've got so much baggage I don't even know where's the best place to unpack it.

Would you like to hear a bombshell?

I went in for counseling last week. I had spent a whole day on my bed last week and I realized I was hitting some sort of psychological bottom and I needed to change some things. I went in on Friday and after talking for about an hour I realize that at the core of all of my problems right now is a massive case of self-doubt. I think I can trace all my issues to the fact that I am my own worst critic, that the person who I've been thinking of conspiracy theories about is me. I'm going to work on a several-stage routine to try and break down some issues and work on rebuilding my self-esteem. I'm not promising a "New Michael" come this fall. I'm promising a work-in-progress.

I got an amazing letter today from a good friend from my middle school days. She wrote about a couple of things but she also mentioned an appreciation for my writings and it really gave me the boost to do some fiction writing today.

So I normally announce projects before I start working on them but today I have the fortune to announce a project after writing 25% of it!

"The Last Days in Georgia" is a short story with three chapters and a prologue. It deals with a powerful man and the regrets he faces in the last days of his life. I'm trying to keep things vague and the prologue will not explain one lick of the rest of the story but I beg you to stick with it and continue to read the blog as I release the story in bits here and there when I have them ready. The prologue will go up later tonight if I can get one person to read it first.

The YouTube video will show one influence on the story, it by no means is a hint on the content.

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