Thursday, April 26, 2007


There was a time, back when I created this blog, when I thought that if I used this space to discuss things that weren't focused squarely on me, then I was doing the blog a disservice and would be going back to the fiery Michael of old. The Michael who ranted too much. But frankly I no longer feel content sitting on the sidelines of politics anymore. I spent four years worth of weekends talking about politics to whoever was unfortunate enough to get saddled with an extemp judge position. After those four years and an unpleasant experience with the Nebraska Young Democrats on the road in South Dakota, I decided to stay away from such issues.

That time of retreat is over. The time to feign ignorance or claim apathy is finished.

My generation, you have yet to take back the flag of resistance that your parents dropped when they began to purchase imported silk ties. Take a look at the situation around you. Our president is now at about a 37% approval rating. That means that all he has left is the hardcore of the hardcore. Nobody is acting like we are protecting America anymore. All we are doing in Iraq is proving to ourselves that nobody likes to read history. And I'm here to warn you folks, even Nixon ran on a "disengagement" platform.

The leaders of this country understand that as long as the draft is not on the table that we as a generation will not have the willpower to fight them. Nothing makes someone say "Cut and Run" faster than a kid who just found out that he may not get the chance to flip burgers five miles from his mom's house.

I am going to include three videos here. Two are from a McCain interview on The Daily Show that was quite disheartening to watch and the other is a link to a video from MSNBC about fear mongering.

Click here for the MSNBC clip

Click here for the Daily Show Interview

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