Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going back

I'm not going to lie. The fact that I am giddy to return to Nebraska shocks me.

Positively giddy.

I get two chances a year to truly be free. Once in May, and once in August. Those times I pack up my car with all my important belongings and I drive. I drive by myself, with no concerns, no worries, no self-doubt, no thoughts about life outside the stretch of pavement ahead of me. These trips cleanse my soul, they are that good.

This year, having two past road trips go really well, I decided to plan something a little different. I'm taking four days this year. In these four days I travel from Austin to Lincoln, NE. From Lincoln to somewhere in Illinois. And from Illinois to Findlay, OH. It's a giant inverted L of a trip and it gives me a rare opportunity.


I haven't been in Lafayette more than an hour or two since December of 2001. That to me is one of my biggest regrets. Not being able to look back at my roots and see the spots that made me who I am. Now, for 24 hours, I get to go back to the state that changed my life forever. More importantly, I get to see the friends who I treasure. These guys were with me when I was snatching gold medals, and when I went through my darker days. Their support was key to me being able to last four years there.

Auburn High School

I am burning DVDs today with some of my favorite RTF shorts. I'm considering passing them out to some of my old AHS teachers. Falter would definitely be the first to get one. I'm even wanting to talk to Ms. Fuller. Just to say hi and maybe even apologize for some of my earlier missteps.

I even want some Cotty's burgers.

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