Sunday, April 01, 2007


Jeez, folks. So, Like get this

i was reading some my girlz myspaces and like, these ho's dont know NEthing. talking bout MM (thast modest mouse for all you noods out their) and they think float on was the best song EVER!!

bullshite teeheeheehee

float on is so mainstream it mights as wel wear extensions. LIke I was a MM fan BEFORE float on was on MTV, back when it played on FUSE. FUSE FTW! these biches actg all hardcore but they need to shut their traps and get in line, maybe get a xanga LOLROFTLOMG!

anywho, does anyone wanna chill out at the hot topic??????!!!!! i am like soooo needing a nirvana T right now its not EVEn funny!!!

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