Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's the beginning of a new age

So I have now officially switched over to Blogger's new beta service. Some features (like my ad) are now gone for a short time while they work out the kinks. I am basically adding this post as a test to see if my lovely Firefox extension, which is my main blogging program, can update to the site now. That being said I am enjoying adding all these little knick-knacks to my blog like the new facebook badge on the left side. I hope to continue to customize the site before heading back to Austin, but right now I want to see if switching to Blogger Beta was a good idea or not.

here's a new YouTube spot to make it worthwhile.

NOTE: After originally posting this entry my firefox extension could NOT update to the new site. This means that some posting may slow until an update. I doubt it however.

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