Thursday, August 31, 2006

I post only because I love

This man has to be insane... insanely brilliant!

The first day of school was more stress than anything else. I've gotten myself into some pretty hard classes and I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be able to conquer French. The next two years of college will feature LOTS AND LOTS of french so I'm hoping that yesterday's "hit the ground running because we want half the class to drop" class is not going to be like every day there. If it is, you will see the mental breakdowns start to appear around October.

RTF seems like it's going to be a fun challenge. I haven't gotten to see 317 yet but 318 is about actually making stuff and learning how to make it. It's the class I've been wanting since I heard the term "coverage" on my first DVD so many years ago.

Astronomy.... the teacher wrote the friggin book and it looks like it'll be a breeze.

Oh, this will be my only plug on the blog but if you are reading this and NOT going to Improv Lite at 5:30 today, then you are no longer my friend :)

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meganberry said...

i cant be your friend anymore?? :(