Monday, August 14, 2006

New Bright Eyes Album- Color me happy


That being said, I love Bright Eyes. I love them like fat boys love cake and skinny girls love blow. Does the fact that I just bought shirts from Hot Topic alter my first statement?

I swear I'm not emo.

But this October Bright Eyes will come out with a rarities comp and I will be buying that sucker on vinyl. Why vinyl? Because Bright Eyes, like many indie bands, likes to make some songs rare on purpose by going out of print real easily and then rerelease the songs to make an extra buck.

It’s Cool, We Can Still Be Friends is one of my favorite rare Bright Eyes tracks and I only have a crappy MP3 of it. Well the only version of the disc that has this song is the vinyl version of the comp. Damn you Saddle Creek!

In other news...

I purchased about $300 dollars worth of school supplies and clothes today across Findlay and the internet. I should have enough jeans to last me this year unlike last year where the jeans would run out by Wednesday and the shirts would last til next Tuesday. I also got a cool 512MB USB Key since I keep losing my 128MB one. I figure I'll attach this one to the keychain like you should.

On you'll be able to find a new cut of the first MNL ad. I've decided to recut some footage on iMovie to increase the quality, I'm also going back to the original DV tapes for footage, something that should help keep quality up. Behind the scenes footage should come about twice a month from now on, depending on time issues.

On a very imporant note, I will not be releasing MNL on DVD like I've been promising since Feburary. After looking over the footage again I realize it's just too crappy to be shown on television. Not the quality of the show, just the recording of the show. It constantly loses it's auto-focus and I just feel it would be a waste. However, because of this decision that means that the whole show, skit by skit, will be released on YouTube over the course of the semester. Thus making the show available for the whole world, for free. I'm sorry if you've been looking foward to the DVD but I think this solution will be the best for the show.

Besides that, just remember I will be leaving for Austin in 10 days! And I promise to come back with a splash, in fact, the blog will be updated from the road in a very special way. Keep checking back with the site for more updates on lots of stuff.

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meganberry said...

hot topic?!
bright eyes?!

who are you?!!!

haha just kidding

but really im not emo and i like select songs from bright eyes...mind you not all songs from bright eyes.

i mean i listen to sublime and ben harper but that doesnt make me a stoner now does it?

yay for your blogs...they are worth reading.