Monday, August 07, 2006

Sneak Preview- So Close

Well it's almost the end of the Sneak Preview and I have no idea how I'm going to spread the word when I really launch the site. Already I have more posts on this blog than the last one I made so I'm fairly confident that I can continue to write stuff up for the site.  Here are some...

Bits & Pieces

In the room across from me, John (mi step-padre) is selling frozen steaks to somebody. It's fun listening in private to all these conversations about cuts and quality. I'd say he's a fairly laid-back pitchman but it works for him.

I'm thinking about trying to trade a PSP for an iPod, any takers?

The Rolling Stones are playing Austin. Now I would pay $75 to see the 70's Rolling Stones, but now? I'm on the fence espcially since with ticket prices these days I can see two smaller shows for the same price.

Congrats to "meganberry" on being the first real person to post a comment on the site. Oh by the way, that comment, was  the greatest thing anyone has ever typed to me :)

I really should e-mail Jay from my UT job.

Tonight I show my parents Mallrats and then go see Tallidega Nights (Spelling?) Besides that I'm just going to relax today and not do much.

I may get some content for the launch ready as I have it but it's not cut yet.

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