Sunday, August 27, 2006

The story of the day is that there is no story

Well, the moving in is complete and my new roommate has arrived (good man, I don't forsee screaming matches like last year) and I plan on meeting with my Uncle Marc and Connie later today to see The Oh in Ohio.

Life is good.

I am so bored though. There is not much to do and I have yet to see a SINGLE friend in Austin yet. I may be a bit early but yeesh people, get back to school so I can hang out. I've got a few tasks to do on Monday concerning loans, possible parking problems, and checking on the SEC so you may see me around campus a lot on Monday. And now for the fastest updates in my life in...

Bits and Pieces

The Dobie Dorm will help with weight loss, living on the sixth floor is just low enough to be climbable in a pinch.

Filesharing, hell piracy period, will be very difficult with this crappy internet connection. No limits on downloading, just uploading, making bittorent prohibitive.

I sent a facebook message to Thai, telling him I would like to join Gigglepants. Cross your fingers folks.

Jed Brown is still the man, he'll be getting an e-mail after this with a status update.

I have to play all of my PS2 games in MONO now because of the crappy A/V hookups with the new cheap TV.

I have a coffee machine, coffee, sugar, creme, but no measuring spoon.

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mmmm coffee