Sunday, October 15, 2006

In Your Eyes

What to say... what to say?


Bits and Pieces

I'm continuing to fall hard for BLANK. I spent a lot of this weekend around her and I really can not seem to get her out of my head. The video at the bottom is dedicated to her. Eventually I'm going to have to ask her on a date but seriously, I have no free time for a date. Maybe this Friday, if there is no gigglepants. I wish it was easier to plan this stuff but I'm just signed on for too much.

Why do I continue to call her BLANK. Two reasons.

1) It's not OFFICIAL. As in we are not officially an item but I think we are but she may not and she may not want me talking about her on a public website.

2) SHE READS THIS BLOG! That's right, BLANK will read this post, and I want her to know that I respect her privacy when it comes to this stuff.

#1 thing I want to do with BLANK? Snuggle :) I'm a big fan of snuggling.

I just bought World of Warcraft yesterday. I'm already a level 7 Night Elf! It's so much fun but I guess I'm going to have to give in to the addiction.

Pre-ordered the Wii. Now I just have to wait.

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