Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That video was SO directed at somebody.

Ok folks, I lied. That video was directed at Carly.


But in other news...

BITS AND PIECES! (More Bits, Less Pieces)

My first Improv Lite show as sole-host was a ROUSING success. I really enjoyed myself on that stage for the first time. I'm actually looking foward to the next show for once!

My stress level has decreased a little but I haven't heard back from my dad about the money issues. That worries me just a bit. I have moments folks, sorry about the F bomb but I promise to refrain from posting when stressed.

Carly was really concerned about me tonight. It was nice to know she cared about how I was feeling.

Second Date?

I don't see a timetable for that. I know that I do but I have to take it VERY SLOWLY. Not only do I have to woo her, but I think that I may have to convince the friends that I'm not a bad guy. No problem. To give up now, to admit defeat without being told that I lost, would just prove that I can't handle women. I would revert to the hopeless romantic Michael. She made me open up, and I don't think it's time already to crawl back in my shell.

And so with that in mind, I include this video.

Seriously folks, post some request comments.

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